Should You Buy Your Dream Waterfront Cottage This Winter?

Should You Buy Your Dream Waterfront Cottage This Winter?

Pros and Cons of Buying a Waterfront Property in The Winter

Thinking about buying a cottage? Wondering when the best time to look is? Here are a few of the reasons why buying your dream waterfront property this winter may be in your best interest.

Pros of Buying in Winter

  • Less Competition: The winter months tend to see a downfall of active buyers leaving less interest in the properties for sale.
  • Time on Market: Since there are fewer buyers properties tend to sit for longer in the winter.
  • Pricing: When a property sits on the market for a longer period the owners are more likely to accept a lower price.

Cons of Buying in Winter

  • With little to no inventory, sellers don’t typically see the winter as a good time to list so they hold onto their properties until the spring, leaving a limited selection available.
  • Access, winter in cottage country comes with a lot of snow, and getting to some areas in the winter can be difficult.
  • Snow, once the snow and ice set in it becomes very hard to know what’s underneath. This makes it very difficult to see the waterfront depth, condition, landscaping, or the condition of the roof/decks and anything else the snow covers up.

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