How to Sell Your Home This Winter

How to Sell Your Home This Winter

Tips and Tricks for Successfully Selling Your Property this Winter

Have you been thinking about listing your home or cottage in Haliburton through the Winter? Although the market tends to heat up in the spring you can still have great success selling through the winter months! Here are a few things to keep in mind when listing your property:

Give Everything a Good Cleaning

A good tip for any time of year, but especially in winter as the focus becomes significantly more on the inside than out. Sweep your floors, wash away any built up dust, or hire professionals to handle staging.

Showcase Other Seasons

Dig up as many photos as you can find of your property in the other months of the year. This is especially important for waterfront properties to give potential Buyers the opportunity to envision what their waterfront and outdoor spaces will look like. These are the spaces that they will be using throughout the summer and are likely key selling points! Compile these photos into a digital frame or a photo album and leave it on display in the dining area or living room for potential buyers to browse.

Keep a Comfortable Temperature

You want Buyers to feel cozy and welcome in the space. Keep the heat up for showings especially on those extra cold cottage country winter days.

Keep All Walking Paths and Driveways Cleared

Ice and snow are one of the main reasons selling in the winter isn’t always favored. Take them out of the equation by keeping the driveway and access to any outbuildings like garages or sheds cleared and sanded.
This winter could prove to be the perfect time to sell your home with the current shortage of inventory and abundance of buyers in the market Sellers are in a great position! Contact Team Cottage Country today for a free property evaluation.

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