Haliburton or Muskoka: Where to Buy Your Next Property?

Haliburton or Muskoka: Where to Buy Your Next Property?

Muskoka is by far the most famous cottaging location in Ontario.

Muskoka is home to beautiful lakes, and breathtaking scenery, and has enough local attractions to appeal to all ages. However, all these amazing features come with a very high price tag which might be tempting you to look elsewhere.
While Ontario is home to many other wonderful spots for cottages, Haliburton stands out amongst the crowd. Haliburton is only a short drive east of Muskoka, and shares much of the same natural beauty. It has a plethora of lakes that are perfect for cottaging, some of the most popular being Kennisis Lake, Redstone Lake, and Drag Lake. Haliburton is also home to many smaller, more secluded lakes for those who are looking for more serenity in their vacation home and while it may not be on the Hwy 400 / 11 corridor, Haliburton is still easily accessible from Toronto and is under a 3-hour drive from most locations in the GTA.
Haliburton County is filled with activities and local attractions. Everything from boat rentals to treetop canopy walks, hundreds of kilometers of trails, breweries, and restaurants you can find many aspects that created Muskoka’s charm in Haliburton. On top of all that, cottages in Haliburton are at a lower price point making it more affordable for everyone.
Thinking about making to move from Muskoka to Haliburton? Or buying your first property in Haliburton? Contact Team Cottage Country today!

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