Haliburton County Real Estate Market July Update

Haliburton County Real Estate Market July Update


Real Estate is still a hot market in Cottage Country!

Waterfront Properties in Haliburton are moving fast! With a low inventory, we are still experiencing a seller’s market. The average sale price was $912,364 on waterfront properties in Haliburton and $418,571 on residential properties. This means that the market is up 34% and 32% respectively. Haliburton waterfront properties stay on the market for 19 days on average, whereas residential properties are 31. This is slightly longer than in the earlier months of 2021 but is still pretty quick! In comparison to 2020, there are significantly fewer properties available, leaving a small inventory for buyers to choose from. This year, however, waterfront properties are selling for 106% of the list price compared to the 102% they were going for this time last year. Similarly, residential properties are up 9% over last year, selling for an average of 107% of the list price.

For Buyers:

The bidding wars are still happening, though mostly in the lower price ranges, and the higher-priced properties are getting fewer offers. We were anticipating a slowdown in the market by now, but it hasn’t come yet. The numbers are still suggesting an intense seller’s market, with many buyers in play. Our professional advice to you is: act quickly, be prepared for competition, and use an experienced Realtor. Team Cottage Country is proud to have years of experience and immense local knowledge, we will always work in your best interests ensuring you’re not navigating this crazy market alone.

For Sellers:

If you’ve been considering selling, don’t wait any longer! The sooner your property is listed, the more it should fetch in a sale! Properties are beginning to stay on the market for longer periods of time and we could be looking at the beginning of a shift. Remember: in a seller’s market you hold all the cards. If your buyers are bending to you, take advantage of that while it lasts! If you are looking to sell contact us today! We know Haliburton and will always work to get you the best deal for your home or cottage.

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